Assassin’s Citadel


Step into a simulation created from the DNA memory of your ancestors, members of the noble Order of Assassins. Transport yourself to Malta in the year 1567, to a treasure room of an ancient citadel of the Knights Templar, and discover the secrets which lay within.

In 1567 the Order of the Assassins infiltrated the citadel’s treasure room, their goal was to find an artifact, a cube, known as the Piece of Eden. This mysterious relic was created by the people of the first civilization and possesses incredible powers, if it were to fall into the wrong hands there could be terrible consequences for the entire planet. The Piece of Eden was placed under the protection of the Maltese Order, a division of the Knights Templar, and in 1565 its devastating power was used by the Templar to defeat the invading Ottoman armies in a now-infamous medieval battle. 

Your ancestors, the Assassins, broke into the treasure room of the Templars, where many artifacts, including the first civilization ones, were stored. They found a way to activate and deactivate the cube and even glimpsed at the secrets hidden inside, but no trace of the latter was ever found… Your mission is to relive that event and recover the activation sequence for the cube. We have received information from an informant deep within the Knights Templar high council that the modern-day Templars got their hands on the cube again, and activated it. We need your help to turn this ancient weapon off.